• Why not claim back your pay?

    Too many employers think that they can get away with paying you nothing. By claiming the wages you deserve back, you will be helping those who can’t afford to work for free.

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  • Making internships work for you

    Check out our guide to learn about how internships work and what a good internship looks like

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  • MPs support four week limit

    MPs strongly backed Conservative Alec Shelbrooke's motion to ban unpaid internships last year. We are calling on all political parties to get behind it.

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  • Why unpaid internships matter

    Unpaid internships are damaging social mobility and excluding young people from the opportunities they deserve. Click below to learn the facts

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  • Unpaid internships are bad for society

    Unpaid internships are essential, expensive and exclusive. We believe that only by paying interns can all young people be given a fair chance.

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  • Are you an employer?

    Good businesses know that it makes business sense to pay interns. Take a look at how and why here

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Intern Aware is the campaign for fair, paid internships.

We believe that unpaid internships are exploitative, exclusive and unfair. By asking people to work without pay, employers exclude those with talent, ambition and drive who cannot afford to work for free. Employers and young people alike benefit from the best graduates getting the best jobs. Only by paying interns a fair wage can we ensure this happens.
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Alexander says:
"As a young person working in the field of public relations, I was extremely lucky to get to where I am without needing to undertake..."
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Latest news

11 infographics that explain why we need to end unpaid internships

We've pulled together the most important statistics to explain why interns should be getting paid for their work. (Credit to Lindsay Noble for her fantastic work on these!)

Not paying interns leaves them in a jam. Paul boulangeries have the dough to pay interns.

Recently, we were contacted by a supporter of Intern Aware about an unpaid internship at PAUL UK bakery. Here is that advert...

Four week limit – all you need to know about the proposal to end unpaid internships

What is the 4 week limit? The four week limit is a slight tweak to the current law aimed at ending all long term unpaid internships. 

We’ve made waves in: