11 infographics that explain why we need to end unpaid internships

We've pulled together the most important statistics to explain why interns should be getting paid for their work. 
(Credit to Lindsay Noble for her fantastic work on these!)

1. 74% of people said that they, or someone from a family like theirs, could not afford to do an unpaid internship

2. As a result, unpaid internships make it harder for those not from London to get into their chosen career

3. Internships come in all different lengths, with most lasting for months rather than weeks

4. And unpaid internships are less likely to lead to a job at the end

5. Businesses? Those that don't pay think you are happy to work for free

6. That is despite most unpaid internships being illegal

7. Some businesses are more concerned with their reputation than if they are obeying the law

8. Some businesses even use unpaid internships to recruit friends and family, rather than the best person for the job

9. Thankfully, more and more businesses are realising that they need to pay interns

10. In fact, they say that it would make no difference to the net number of internships out there

11. And the general public? You want unpaid internships to be history!