Architects of Success

How the RIBA is leading the charge for fair internships in architecture.

One of the organisations that have been most supportive of us has been the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA). They have guidelines for best practice on internships, as well as some tough rules for their members to follow to make sure young people are supported properly and access to the industry is fair.

This week, the RIBA re-affirmed their support for ending unpaid internships by reminding the heads of all the UK schools of architecture about the commitment that the industry has to paying interns. They are also keen for anyone who finds unpaid internships in architecture to report them to the RIBA as soon as possible.

For employers that are found to be taking on unpaid interns, then they could potentially be expelled from membership. Whilst this might seem firm, it is certainly helping to ensure that internships in architecture are fair and do not exploit young people and interns.

It is great to see the RIBA continuing to clean up their profession, and with some great results. These organisations and businesses, many of them with only a handful of employees, are benefiting from bringing in people with a wide range of backgrounds, talents and creativity – not just those that can afford to do it for nothing.