Why businesses should pay their interns

  • You can pick from the very best talent to join your organisation, not just those that can afford to work for free

It is clear that you want the very best people to come and work for you, whilst giving a fantastic opportunity to young people. 

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However by not paying your interns, you are limiting the pool of talent that you can choose from. It is then no longer about who has the best qualifications or attitude, but it becomes about who can afford to work for free.

 Living in London costs upwards of £1,000 a month for young people, and with the increasing financial pressures of university not far behind them, this is very difficult for most graduates.

  • You rely on innovation, creativity and new ideas

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You will know that your organisation cannot afford to stand still, it must be competitive and constantly innovate. 

This is another reason why paying interns is so important. Young people bring creativity and new ideas with them that can help you immensely. If you limit who can intern with you, then you will put up a barrier to some different and diverse ways of thinking and innovating.

  • If you want to help diversity and opportunity, make sure they are accessible to all

The majority of internships are based in London, and this creates a problem for bright, talented individuals from further afield. Unpaid and expenses only internships tend to favour those from London who may already have accommodation and support from their parents. This leaves people from elsewhere with little hope of breaking into the industry.

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We know that your internship programme is most probably well-intentioned and designed to help to offer young people an opportunity to get into the industry. But unpaid internships often exclude those that really need to help the most.