If you have worked as an unpaid intern, you may be entitled to the wages equating to the National Minimum Wage. If you had set hours that you worked, had specific duties and responsibilities and were doing jobs that otherwise a paid member of staff would have to do, it is possible that you qualified for the national minimum wage, whether you agreed to work for free or not.

Too many employers think that they can get away with paying you nothing. By claiming the wages you deserve back, you will be helping interns across the country and those who can’t afford to work for free.

Claiming back your pay should be relatively straightforward, and we want to help you do it.

If you would like to anonymously report your unpaid internship to HMRC, who may also be able to help you claim back your pay, please contact the Pay and Work Rights Helpline

If you’d like us to help suggest how to get the money you are owed back, email gus@internaware.org in strictest confidence.

We’ll need to know who you were interning for, how long you were there and whether you have any documents to back up your claim (emails, application forms etc).

Intern Aware does not give legal advice at any time. We are able to help suggest actions you can take to get paid for your unpaid internship, but if you require the advice of a qualified lawyer, please do contact one. If we have not returned your email within three working days, please assume we are not able to help with your query.