Parliament acts to end unpaid internships

Tomorrow at 12.30pm, for the first time ever, Parliament will debate a bill on the harmful effects of unpaid internships.  The Internships (Advertising and Regulation) Bill.

Proposed by the Rt Hon Hazel Blears MP, and supported by MPs from all parties, the bill is aimed at outlawing the advertising of long-term unpaid internships, and make it clear that such a practice is wrong and hurts social mobility.


Each week at Intern Aware we hear from interns who are left out and excluded because they cannot afford to work for free.

The position of “intern” has no legal status in this country, but has developed over recent years to fill the grey area between “volunteer” and “worker” in employment legislation.

We will be in Parliament all tomorrow with our friends at NUS lobbying MPs to support Hazel’s bill. If you’d like to join us, email