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11 infographics that explain why we need to end unpaid internships

We've pulled together the most important statistics to explain why interns should be getting paid for their work. 
(Credit to Lindsay Noble for her fantastic work on these!)

Four week limit - FAQs

What is the 4 week limit?

The four week limit is a slight tweak to the current law aimed at ending all long term unpaid internships. 

BBC Radio 4 - PM feature on fashion internships

Jon Manel reports on the damage being done by the practice of unpaid internships in the fashion industry.

Interview: Unpaid Internships cost £926 a month

Our Campaigns Manager speaks to London Live about the latest Sutton Trust report, which has found that unpaid internships that include travel expenses cost upwards of £926 per month, making some careers inaccessible to most young people.

Best Practice Guide for Businesses

Making Internships Work - Department of BIS Guide

This guide has been developed by Intern Aware and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills alongside the Common Best Practice Code for High Quality Internships (July 2011).

PRCA Guidance

Interns in the Voluntary Sector

InternAware in Parliament